Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Hello. I’m Schanel and I have a buffalo sauce addiction.

Really. You could literally put that iissh on everything and I’d eat it! When I’m craving boneless wings, these are my go to meal or snack. They are perfect for an appetizer too! I think when I first told the hubs what I was making he was skeptical but they are the best healthy substitute for buffalo wings! I’ve tried turkey too but chicken just taste better to me!

I have linked what brands I recommend for the buffalo sauce. DO NOT use tabasco or hot sauce unless you wan’t your ass to be on FIRE. Just a friendly tip! Also when cooking the meatballs in the oven I use a mini cupcake pan, it’s easier to keep the flavor in & the form of the meat.

These are sooooo good for meal prep. I think they even may be better a day or two after because the flavor sets in.





1.5lbs ground chicken

4 green onions

1 tsp pink himalayan salt

2 garlic cloves – minced

3/4 cup Bob Mills almond meal/flour

1 cup buffalo sauce – Tessemae’s or Franks

4 tbsp Ghee or butter


Preheat oven to 400 degrees & grease mini cupcake/muffin tin.

In large bowl mix; chicken, garlic, onions, almond flour/meal & salt. Form into 1″ balls or use a scoop like this one. Place meatballs in each mini cupcake/muffin tin.

Cook for 15 mins. While meatballs are cooking, in large bowl mix buffalo sauce & ghee together [you may have to melt ghee first].

Once meatballs have cooked, remove from pan and place in large bowl of buffalo sauce, toss them evenly & return them back to the pan to cook an additional 8 mins!

Remove & let cool. Top with green onions & Tessemae’s Ranch, NOM!



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