Client Love Notes

Dear Schanel,

Thank you for helping me get strong and basically – “get my life back” this year! I can’t express to you enough what you have helped me to be able to do again in my life! You have been a true blessing.


Schanel has been a huge help for me with my initial success during the first months. Her attention to detail and the planning she puts in to my sessions has made a big impact on how I perform my workouts and conduct myself with eating and watching fat and calories.

In addition to my progress I see my doctor every months and have a Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) testing done. I have had these tests regularly for over 8 years. The recent tests have shown great improvement to my health, with significant results.

I have felt very comfortable with Schanel as my personal trainer, she is a great at learning her clients’ abilities and making the most of workout sessions.

Don Piano – 57 years old