Guilt + Grain free tortillas, OHH YEAA.

“Live everyday like it’s taco tuesday.” – my inner Texan


Hello lovelies! How has life been?? I’ve been taking sometime to enjoy this amazing weather we’ve been having in Colorado this past week. This is my favorite time, when it’s warm but not scolding out and everything is blooming and we have the occasional rainy days. I’m obsessed with the smell of a rainy spring day, I need to find a candle in that scent!!  Continue reading


Denver Anniversary weekend + Whole 30

Marriage is awesome.

Mainly when you’re with someone that supports & loves you in anything you do. Stetson is that person & I love living this crazy life along side him. Last weekend we went to Denver to have a little “get away” for our two year wedding anniversary. Someday I’ll make a post about our wedding day because it’s too long and probably way mushy for this post! [you’re welcome] Continue reading

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Hello. I’m Schanel and I have a buffalo sauce addiction.

Really. You could literally put that iissh on everything and I’d eat it! When I’m craving boneless wings, these are my go to meal or snack. They are perfect for an appetizer too! I think when I first told the hubs what I was making he was skeptical but they are the best healthy substitute for buffalo wings! I’ve tried turkey too but chicken just taste better to me! Continue reading