Double chocolate nut butter protein bites + this weeks sweats!

“Follow what feels good in the moment, every moment, and it will lead you through a most excellent life.” – Jen Sinero

Guys I’m obsessed with Jen Sinero’s book “You are a Badass…”. OBSESSED, she is a genius & if you haven’t gotten your hands on one of her books do it now – it’s only $9.60 LINK HERE. And worth every penny. 

So every Monday I’m going to post where I’m sweating at, so come join me if you’re in the COS area & let’s connect a little!

This week:  Tues: Gold’s Fit @ 5:15am | Weds: Hot Asana @ 8:45 & Cycology @ 12:00pm | Thurs: Hambone CF @ 11:45am | Fri: Gold’s Fit @ 9:30am.


Also these protein bites are the perfect pre workout snack for on the go! Although they must stay refrigerated, I grab a couple on my way out to the gym or studio. They are also full of fiber, healthy fats + clean protein!


1/2 cup Gluten free oats

1/2 cup nut butter

6 egg whites – whipped to peaks

2 scoops of Shakeology (my daily superfoods)

2 tbsp chia seeds

2 tbsp ground flax seed

2 tbsp cocoa powder

1/2 cup dairy free dark chocolate chips


Whip egg whites to peak in mixer/hand mixer. Combine nut butter in until smooth, then add oats. Once well mixed add in protein, chia, flax and cocoa until well incorporated then finally add chocolate chips. Dough should be decently thick to be able to form 1 1/2” bite size pieces. I use cookie scoop like this to scoop mine then I roll them in my hand, place on a cookie sheet with parchment paper and refrigerate for 30 mins. Keep in refrigerator and enjoy! [in portions] WARNING you will want to eat the whole tray!! 2 bite = 1 serving!!


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