A blog for people looking for simple ways to live a well-balanced life.

Blog goal – to share my personal wellness journey, love for coffee, terrible writing, kitchen mishaps and everything in between. Oh and maybe a few cuss words in there too because – balance.

Growing up being an active kid and teenager I never knew the importance of overall health until my 20’s hit along with that extra 20+ pounds, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, zero self-confidence. WAIT, weren’t these suppose to be the best damn

 years of my life??! Ha. Ignoring all the health signs, like many 20-something year olds do, I kept living a toxic life; getting drunk every night, smoking, eating all the fast food I could get my hands on and sleeping until 2pm. I felt like shit, all the time. Knowing that there was more to life than 10 shots of rumple, double vodka sodas and nightly Whataburger stops (don’t get me wrong Whataburger is the shit), I told myself something had to change. Thus where my wellness journey started.

Now don’t let me fool you, I didn’t wake up one day and start eating clean and working out everyday. It took years to find the dedication and motivation to get me there. As well as lots of tears, research, education and trial & error. I’m not saying I have perfected this wellness thing either because let’s be honest, no ones perfect. But I have found an effective way to live a WELL-BALANCED life (yes this includes sweets, cocktails [no rumple] and rest days) and I’m here to share it with all of you wonderful damn people.

A little about present me:

I am married to my best friend and soul mate, Stetson. We have three beautiful fur babies; a cat named Peeta and two Cane Corsos (Italian Mastiffs) named Drogo & Rayvn. Living in the beautiful state of Colorado, you can find me hiking, practicing yoga, cooking or coaching. I love all things food, literally as I’m eating breakfast I’m thinking about what’s for lunch (see you’re not alone). I enjoy getting my hands dirty and creating anything that brings joy to my heart. I cuss a lot and have a coffee addiction. Helping people find happiness through fitness, nutrition, mind, body & soul is my “why”.

So get in & enjoy this beautiful mess.


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